Shashi Tharoor could be a candidate for the PM, but again, this is not the time for such a proposal. Are we desperate for a new PM for 2019? No, as I mentioned earlier, PM Modi is going very strong and he would need no support or no mega alliance from rest of all the political parties in India can do anything to stop ModiJi for the 2019 PM post.

Personally, I like Shashi Tharoor very much , very strong, educated, experienced leader. Wishing him a very strong political future.


Shashi Tharoor has finally broken his silence over a viral petition calling on the UPA to name him as their prime ministerial candidate for the 2019 general elections.

Source: Shashi Tharoor reacts to petition propping him as UPA’s 2019 PM candidate | india-news | Hindustan Times

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