Being a lawmaker, he should set example by behaving in a decent way. Goons like Mr Gaikwad should be given tough time and make sure he or anyone else should not behave like this. We need to become more civilised and set better standards.

For the second time in less than a week, Air India has refused to fly Ravindra Gaikwad, a Shiv Sena parliamentarian, who assaulted an airline manager last week, bragging, “I hit him with my slipper 25 times.” The Sena, like other parties, has objected to a ban on Mr Gaikwad declared by an industry

Source: Mumbai To Delhi By Train For Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad, Air India Refuses Again

Update : 06-April-2017 18:03 (IST)

Now threats from the Sena MP’s to stop flights from Mumbai and other cities of Maharashtra. Sena should take a justified stand on this. Mr Gaikwad is not ready to apologise to the Air India Manager, but ready to apologise to the parliament, this shows the ego / double standard. Firstly as our honourable PM said, he is the pradhan sevak, and he knows that he has been elected to serve the people of the country. But most of the elected lawmakers behave like goons and think that they can do any damn think.

Sena members would not join the dinner hosted by the PM if Mr Gaikwad is not allowed to fly. Who cares should be the attitude of the Government and should not allow Gaikwad, the summer brand chappal from Bata to use any flight in India.

This was what Suhel Seth Tweeted

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