What does the constitution say? Who can be sworn in as the Chief Minister? The party which has claimed to prove the majority on the floor of the house or the party with the highest number of seats?

Manohar Parrikar, resigned as the Defense Minister of India and is ready to be sworn in. The condition for outside support by other parties were that the support to BJP would be only if Manohar Parrikar is the CM.


Congratulations Mr CM – You have proved your majority on the floor. Expectations are high, do not disappoint the people of Goa.

The Supreme Court will this morning hear the Congress’ petition against the BJP being invited to form government in Goa despite winning fewer seats in the assembly elections. The party will ask the court to stop Manohar Parrikar’s oath ceremony as Goa Chief Minister, planned for 5 pm today. It has also written to Governor Mridula Sinha asking her to scrap Mr Parrikar’s swearing-in ceremony. In Parliament, the opposition party has sought that regular proceedings be adjourned to debate the BJP being invited to form government in Goa and Manipur despite coming second to the Congress in the assembly elections.

Source: Stop Manohar Parrikar Oath In Goa, Says Congress. Supreme Court Hearing: 10 Facts

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