Every expatriate working in Maldives needs to note about a change in employment law in Maldives. You need to pay a 3% tax to MIRA for the amount you send home from your salary. If you miss to do that, you will be fined and face the consequences as per the new law.

People’s Majlis, on Wednesday, passed the amendment to Employment Act which will allow the state to take a remittance tax of three percent.It was passed with the vote of 41 lawmakers, while 25 lawmakers voted against it.The bill was amended during Committee evaluation process to implement the remittance tax in October, instead of June.

Source: SunOnline – Majlis passes remittance tax…


Few confusions

  1. Will the tax be deducted during remittance?
  2. Are the employed expats allow to carry cash when they travel home?
  3. What about employees paying withholding tax?
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