Winning is not everything but there is a requirement of something to measure one’s performance. Every competition is an opportunity for self empowerment no matter you win or lose, but your participation matters a lot.

All the participants cannot be winners but when you decide to participate, you are gifting yourself with a golden opportunity for showcasing your talents in front of everyone. It’s a great chance to understand your own strengths and weaknesses and helps you to take proper measures to correct your own mistakes and explore yourself to get the best out of you next time.

When your emphasise is only on winning, unknowingly you are developing a fear for failure. Each failure is an experience and let’s learn to celebrate our failures more than our success. This attitude will definitely boost your confidence and make you more matured to deal with probable problems.

When you decide to participate in a competition, you are getting an opportunity to meet and interact with new people, learning new things and developing new skills. It’s chance given for self challenge.

So never ever miss an opportunity for self improvement….good luck

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