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AMDC - Azmi Naeem Medical & Diagnostic Centre Pvt Ltd Maldives

AMDC Maldives or AMDC Pvt Ltd is the oldest private medical facility in the Maldives, established in 1991. AMDC has the following businesses

  1. AMDC Clinic, Male' Maldives
  2. AMDC Pharmacy, Male', Maldives
  3. AMDC Pharma, Male', Maldives
  4. AMDC Trade, Male', Maldives

AMDC Clinic has about 50 consultants working including full time doctors, visiting local specialists, visiting consultants / super specialists from neighbouring countries. AMDC Clinic has all the basic diagnostic facilities like digital x-ray, 4D Ultrasound, OPG, ECG, etc. AMDC also is one of the private clinic approved for doing Work Permit Medicals.

Other than clinic, AMDC Pvt Ltd is exclusive dealer for brands like GE Healthcare, 3M Healthcare, HiMedia, Ansell, Tokyo Boeki, ITO Japan, etc

AMDC Pharma is one of the leading pharmaceutical importers and marketing company. AMDC has a dedicated marketing team for pharmaceutical marketing. AMDC Pharma is the exclusive dealer for pharma companies like Win-Medicare, Modi Mundi, Wallace, Stedman, Astron, etc

AMDC Official Website