Chat with Mr Gurudutt – Thotada Mane

Do, what you love to do, live your life, your passion should be your profession. These are the realities that I believe in and has always tried to reach and sustain there. I always tell my friends, try to covert your passion to your profession, make your living by doing what you love to do. [...]

How to fly a drone in India safely? Fly without fear

Flying drones in India without the UID registration is illegal. As of now the registration process is held up as none of the manufacturers have registered. Most of us use drones manufactured by DJI and they still are in the process of studying the drone policy (Digital Sky Platform) Most of us like me would [...]

Elections in India – 2019

Yes, its going to be 5 years since the last parliament elections happened in India, how fast the last five years went !! Lok Sabha Election dates have been announced, now you will find things moving very fast, new channel debates, alliances, mergers, whats-app videos, and lots of things coming up. India is the worlds [...]