Starting a Niche Blog – Which are best Niche Blogs?

You should know something about everything and everything about something. Now coming to this blog, I write about a wide range of topics, that’s what you call, something about everything, but when it comes to Niche Blog, you write only on one topic and you go in-depth. This is everything about something (Niche Blog). In this post we are going to talk about Niche Blogs Vs Multi topic Blogs and the best Niche Blogs

I started a new blog on a Niche topic which was accidental. I did spend sometime researching about the topic, potential revenue model, traffic, etc and decided to go ahead.

Earlier did a similar Niche blog, which I had sold for a good profit. If you are planning to start a blog, always decide on the topic that you are planning and keep it focused on that particular topic.

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Advantages of a Niche Blog over a Lifestyle blog

Focused on a particular topic – Loyal readers

You will get loyal readers who are interested in your topic. There will get more number of subscribers to your newsletters, Facebook page, twitter and so on. Also there will be more number of feed readers and followers if your blog is on a specific Niche. You will get more reading, responding loyal readers on your Niche blog compared to a multi-topic lifestyle blog.

Faster Success compared to multi topic blog

If you are focused on a single topic and you have posts covering the topic in-depth, search engines also would rank you higher for related queries compared to a multi-topic lifestyle blog.

Can expand Niche Blog over a period of time – Growth Plans

You can have good growth plan for a Niche blog. You can decide to keep your focus on a particular category inside your niche for a specific time and then add-on more categories related to the same Niche. For example you start a blog on Apple Products. You start with Mac and iPhones. Over a period of time, you start writing about iPad or AirPords or now we have HomePod. You can have all your Categories and Tags fixed and  planned, but in case of a multi-topic lifestyle blog, you keep adding categories, even sometimes meaning less or undecided ones too.

Monetization is better for Niche blog compared to multi-topic lifestyle blogs

You can get targeted advertisers on products related to your blog Niche. You get paid better in this case. Best Niche blogs make much more money than a normal multi-topic blog.

Researching and going deeper into the topic

If you are focused, you can get deeper. You can write great content with focused research and knowledge and have alerts on your Niche Keywords with different services like Goole Alerts and get notified when something in your Niche happens. You must closely watch everything related to your Niche.Google Alert - Best Niche Blogs

Before You Start your Niche Blog

How much do you know about the Niche you are planning?

You should have a fair amount of knowledge and you should be passionate about the topic to learn and write for a long period of time. You can list out the possible niche blog ideas that you can start researching on.

Do proper research on monetization plans – best niche blogs

You need to check the market values of the Niche before you invest your time and money on starting a blog on a particular Niche. If your studies shows a good potential then you should go on. You can do some keywords research using some online tools to get value of the Niche. You can check if your blogs comes into list of niche blogs that make money

Which are the best niche blogs?

There are a wide range of well performing niches, so I would not want to get into the name of the niche. As I explained above, think about your passion, knowledge and start a niche blog rather than hunting for the niche blogs that make money.

Can you complete with sites with tons of back links and trust?

Assume that you are going to start a blog on diabetes. You are a Doctor who is specialised in diabetes and you decide on writing great articles on diabetes.

Will that work well?

Can you compete with tons of authority sites which are there for so many years?

Sites which spend millions of dollars on building links for most searched keywords like diabetes?

The answer is simple NO on a short period of time, even you get some traffic, it would be very tough to fight for keywords with heavy searches.. You may write good articles and may be your articles are better, but to gain trust and beat the existing one is difficult, but is possible if you are going to go behind it. Most of the bloggers loose and they quit blogging.

Tips to Not fail in blogging – How to be successful in getting good search traffic to your blog?

Now to avoid such disappointments what should you do?

Start the best Niche blog with keywords which are not having much competition. The search volume would be low, but you can focus on more such kinds of keywords.

Example – Diabetes is a very valuable keyword with millions of traffic, but you want to have a blog related to diabetes.

Longtail Keywords

You should find sub topics related to diabetes which do not have much competitions like, “Tips to control diabetes with natural food and way of living” or “Some facts of diabetes and heart disease” or “diabetes and cholesterol”.

What I am trying to explain here is you need to get deeper into a topic which is not that common, less competitive along with good articles on the main topic. The best Niche blogs are those which cover a certain topic in full depth.

You niche blog can be focused on diabetes and cholesterol related.

Your blog domain should be something, your blog title should be Diabetes and Cholesterol,

Your blog description should be “Understanding the relationship between diabetes and cholesterol” and so on.

What happen is that you are not wasting your time fighting with high value keywords. You have become a super specialist handling only diabetic patients who have cholesterol.

Hope this post on Niche Blog vs Multi Topic Blog give a clear message that Niche blogs are better if you are planning for loyal readers, potential monetizing, going deeper and keep focused.

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