Can you write an e-book? Yes you can make money by writing e-books and selling on your blog

If you are good in writing informative e-books, then you can make a lot of money by selling it. You should have good writing skills and deliver unique information using e-books. There are lots of people who do this and make a lot of money.

How to start your e-book business online?


First question, if you don’t know what an e-book is? E-book is an electronic book or digital book which will contain images and text and usually it’s in PDF format. You do not have to bother about printing it and there are no much cost involved other than your time.

Decide on a top and start writing your e-book. An e-book can be of about 25-100 pages or depending upon the topic of the book the number of pages can go up, but I don’t recommend to write an e-book which you would like to sell, to be less than 25 pages.

You can write the e-book using Word processors like the Microsoft word and covert it to PDF format. There are many software available to do this or I think Microsoft Word itself can do that for you or I would suggest Adobe Acrobat which has some great security functions too.

Fine, you have the e-book ready, how do you sell it. First write a sales page for your e-book on your blog, give the table of contents and a sample chapter would also be good so that the buyers get a good idea of what they are going to buy.

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Next comes the payment and delivery part. I would recommend e-junkie for this which will handle your e-book delivery and payments through PayPal (most of the other popular payment gateways are supported). Advantage of e-junkie is that your products will be promoted using affiliate programs which is a standard feature of e-junkie. Pay 50% commission to your affiliates, they will also work for you.

Just don’t stop with just one e-book, you can keep writing different e-books and have a good collection of e-books for sale. You can keep updating your existing ones and even create new ones. The more you sell, the more you earn. If you are interested to take some risk, try some advertisements like Google Adwords or buy some ad space on blogs of your niche. If you have blogs with decent traffic, take the advantage, you should use it by writing some reviews or promotional posts, put some ad banners and do the marketing for your e-books.

Pricing – Do not try to sell e-books for US100, you will not be able to sell any. Price it between US$ 10-20, you will surely sell lots of copies if you have a good e-book. People won’t mind spending a small amount for e-book and you will get your sales volume high.

Writing and selling e-books are not something new or you are not the first person to try it. It’s a proven method, works well, but you need to give value for the price a buyer spends and market well to sell it.

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