Facebook Pages – Is it worth to promote your page and increase likes?

Most of the business / online marketing companies / brands do have a Facebook page and they do spend a lot to market their Facebook page so that more and more Facebook users like / subscribe to their page and whenever the page owner does a post on the page, it gets into the news feed of all the Facebook users who have subscribed / liked the page.

But this is no longer the case, your posts on your Facebook page will not be shown on the news feed of all your fans / subscribers.


If you start a campaign on Facebook, you will notice that you have to go through a paid campaign if your post needs to be shown to all the people who have liked your page. This is not a Facebook secret, it was announced earlier in Nov 2014 that the posts would be filtered and shown to people who are really interested in your posts. So there is no big reasons to increase your Facebook fan numbers unless you make sure that your fans are really interested in the content of your page, the type of posts that you do on your Facebook page should be consistent. For example, you start a page on Fitness and you get 1000 fans who are interested in fitness, but later on you start posting content related to travel, which many of your fans may not be interested and they may not show interest in your posts. You will notice that your page posts are not shown to all your fans and the percentage of activity on your page would drop down drastically.

Very important, make sure that you do not just get people to like your page, yes it would give some impression that you have huge fan base, but the conversion percentage would be very less if your fans are not liking the posts that you are doing on your page.

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