Google Adsense Auto Ads Enabled for my blog

WordPress Adsense Auto Ads SetUp

I came to know about the Google Adsense Auto Ads today when I logged into the Adsense control panel. I have asked if I was interested, to be frank, I was not aware of this new feature. I am not aware when this was released or enabled. Check out how to set up WordPress Adsense Auto Ads on your WordPress Blog.

Google Adsense Page Level Ads

I enabled it on my blogs and removed all the old Adsense code, in fact you do not have to remove it. Page level ads are auto displayed by Google Adsense after analysing your page using AI and display right size and format of ads on your web pages.

How to Enable Auto Ads on your blog?

Just login to your Adsense account and get the code for Auto Ads – More Info

What are the advantages of Google Adsense Auto Ads?

You just need to add few code to your website head () inside the head tag. Google Adsense analyses your blog / website page and places ads inside your content. I was surprised to see ads in between my posts paragraphs. If you have long post, you will see more ads. You just have to forget, everything is taken care.

As per Google Adsense, there are chances that your revenue will improve with a better Click Through rate.

wordpress adsense auto ads

Check out the image above, you will find that the Google Adsense auto ads is inserting ads inside the post paragraph automatically. It looks for longer posts and does insert ads inside the content. This was something we used to do by writing lines of codes in WordPress.

How to add the Adsense Auto Ads code on a WordPress Blog?

function header_auto_adsense() {
if(!is_user_logged_in()) {
//shows up only if the user is not logged in
echo 'Your Adsense Code';
add_action('wp_head', 'header_auto_adsense');

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