Google Adsense – Why am I not getting sufficient Clicks ?

If you are a Google Adsense user and desperate to know the reason for not having a good Click Through Rate (CTR %), believe me, you are not alone, there are many who have the same question. I was one of those and I have been doing some research on this for couple of months to understand the reason and find a solution for it.

What is a good Click Through Rate ?

wpid-google-adsense-more-money-tipsThere are some websites where you will find the CTR going as high as 10%, which means 10 out of every 100 visitors is clicking on the Google Adsense ad. Now if you have say why ad slots on your web page, and you see some slots doing well, some not. A visitor will click on one of the ads and not on all the ads slots, so to calculate the right CTR of your website, you should add all the click through rates to get the right CTR of a website.

Coming to the point of good CTR, some websites gives good number of clicks and some do not. There are many factors that improves the CTR of a website. Let me go through the factors that I felt are the real reasons to put an impact on the CTR for Google Adsense.

Kind of Visitors

Now depending upon the niche of your blog and the kind of visitors you receive, the chances of clicking on Google Adsense matter. For example, you have a blog where you write about blogging and most of your visitors are using Google Adsense. Now I being a Google Adsense user, I never click on a Google Adsense advertisement, even thought it is not my blog. I am really scared to do so as I know that clicking on my Google Adsense Ad would be violation of the Google Adsense Terms and conditions and I may get my Google Adsense account banned. Even though I know it’s not my website and there is nothing wrong in clicking a Google Adsense ad on any other website, I am very reluctant to do so. Even if I want to check the site shown in the ad, I just type in the URL of the website shown in the ad and I visit the site.

Blending and Placement of Ads

You need to attract your visitors and make them click on the ads by blending the color of the Google Adsense advertisement. You need to place them in the right place where it get noticed and they click on the ad.

Demography of Visitors

I have seen that visitors from countries like United States, UK, etc do not click much on the ads, but the CPC of these countries are very high. Reason could be that these ads are targeted for specific locations and the rates are very high, but again the CTR for these countries are found to be very low. I have a website were I get 80% of visitors from US / UK and very less from countries like India, where I see the CTR is high, but the CPC is very low.

These are few proven reasons which I have stated after some research and studies. You need to do some testing with different placements and blending of ads and decide the right things for you. Let me also tell you that there are websites which receives much less traffic but they make much more than the high traffic websites. I have a website where the CTR is less than 2%, but makes more money than the website, where I have CTR more than 4%, reason is the CPC. You need to check and find it yourself and decide if Google Adsense will work well for you, or you should go for something else.

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