How to get your Google Adsense account banned?

Stupid question, but its very simple, go and click on your own ads. Yes your account will be terminated and you will lose all your earnings in a day if you are near your minimum payout. You will receive an email from adsense, asking for explanation. You can give some lame excuse or try to send your server logs, may be you will be blessed with another chance.
I have my experience of my adsense account being canceled due to click fraud, but believe me, I never clicked on my ads.

The first warning I received was regarding the domains I used for my adsense accounts. I was using on this domain,, which they objected as this domain name may mislead others that this has some relation with google. In fact we should read all the pages of google adsense terms and conditions or any program we participate. It was very clearly mentioned in the terms and condition that the domains having resemblance to google cannot participate in the adsense program. I did not read that but luckily I just received a warning. I got my account canceled when my account balance was about US$90.00, thats what really upset me.

Anyway it was not big earning, because it was about 4 months. Looking into the band-width and space its not much for me. But I see many people saying they earn more than US$ 2000 per month, thats worth. But for new websites, its very difficult to earn in 100′s and 1000′s of $$.

There are many people who succeed in fooling and get away with artificial clicks, but beware, you will be caught very soon if you continue with this. Google claims that they want to protect the interest of their advertisers and I am also one of the advertisers. Its very easy to build traffic to your sites with google adwords, and I have experienced it. You can get clicks from US$ 0.05 to your wish.
Other than text ads, you can put other image ads, or video ads. You can use the search also to earn. Anyway, be sure that you use adsense in a very careful way and never ever try to be smarter than google team. Its not because I lost my adsense account, i have read many posts done by angry google adsense account losers. Many might even have to close there websites as they totally depended on this ads.

Do you know any substitute for Google adsense?

Yes there are many, like Yahoo publishers, bidvertisers, clicksor and many, but believe me I have tried almost all except YP, it can never come near Google Adsense. I am waiting for YP to be International, as right now they are only offering it in the United States.
Recently I contacted Google Adsense to reconsider my account cancellation, but hard luck did not get an auto-response also from them.
I am not much worried and not much interested also, because even If i get my account activated, I need be always expecting an account cancellation and I am sure that will be when my balance reaches the next US$100.

Some Google Adsense Substitutes, that you can try

  • Bidvertiser
  • AdsFor Indians
  • Yahoo Publishers
  • Clickbooth
  • Adbrite
  • Clicksor
  • Azoogle ads

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