How to maximize your Google Adsense revenue?

Tips to increase Google Adsense Income in the right way

As I have described in my previous posts that Google Adsense is the best program for new blogs and the set up is very simple. You do not need to deal with the advertisers directly buy Google Adsense serves ads to your blog your website. Google has two programs which connects advertisers to publishers. Google Adwords is a program for advertisers and Google Adsense is a program for publishers or webmasters. Advertisers buy ads and pay for it and Google servers these ads to publishers through Google Adsense. In this article you find tips to increase google Adsense income which I have learned from my 15 years of experience.

Most of the publishers find that the revenue generated from Google adsense is not even enough to pay their hosting charges, but there are many website owners / publishers who earn good from this program

Factors deciding the revenue for Google Adsense

  1. Traffic
  2. Ad placement
  3. Ad styling
  4. Quality content
  5. High paying keywords
  6. Ad Sizes


Traffic is the most important factor that effects your Google Adsense revenue. If you do not have much traffic, the do no expect much revenue. You get paid only for the clicks that are generated from the ads placed using the Google Adsense code. If you do no have good number of visitors then there will be less clicks and the revenue will be very low. You can even earn from Adsense using others traffic using adsense revenue sharing portals. I have given some tips to increase your increase your traffic in my earlier posts.

Ad Placement

Ad placement is very important for increase your Google Adsense revenue. You have the flexibility to place the Google adsense ads at places where you want to keep. You should place the ads in way that they are visible to your visitors. The biggest advantage of Google Adsense is that it shows ads relevant to the content of the page.

Ad Styling and right format

You can place different kinds of ads like text ads, image ads, linked units with different sizes. You also have the flexibility to style your ads. You should create the ads which look natural with the content. You need to blend the ads into your pages so that the visitors do not feel that they are going to click on any ads

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Quality Content

Before even thinking of placing ads on your blog, you should have good content which should make your blog attractive to the visitors. Do not make people think that your blog is just a MFA site.

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High Paying keywords

If you have used Google adwords, you should be knowing how much does a keyword bid goes. Having content which has topic / content which has keywords with high value, then the payment for such clicks are very high. If you have checked the reports of your Google Adsense earnings, you may find that the pay rate for every click is different. I am using Google adsense in different websites and every website has different content. Some websites fetch me more than US$ 1.00 per click and some clicks, just less than US$ 0.02. There are many websites giving information about highly paid keywords which you can find by Googling. I do not want to go in details of that as its against the Google Terms and conditions

Ad Sizes

There is option to get different sizes of ads. I have found ads with size 300 x 250 gives good click through rate again that depends on the layout of your blog. You should select the right Ad size for your blog and go through the Adsense revenue sharing reports ad decide the best and try different ad sizes.

These are few tips that should boost your Google Adsense revenue. I would like to remind you that you should always work according to the terms and conditions of Google adsense and never try to get more earnings by clicking on your own ads or ask anybody to click on the ads or you will get your Google adsense account banned. You can even earn from Google Adsense using Revver if you have Video posts and Google Adsense revenue sharing portals are other way to maximize your Google adsense income.

A lot has changed over the period of time, your earning would very much also depend on your traffic, the kind of advertisements that are served on your site and very important Is the geographical location of your visitors. All these would decide your CPC.

These tips to increase google Adsense income will work if you keep working hard to develop good content, follow the above tips, you will have a decent income from Google Adsense

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