Seven Wonders in My Spice Box – My new Recipe Book?

About the Author:

Smt. Veena Bhat is the Co-founder of Firetech Group of Companies, who has been awarded Best Entrepreneurin 2004 from Association of Woman Entrepreneur of Karnataka.

Book Cover:

Book cover has the picture of the traditional wooden spice box filled with the seven spices. Book cover is designed by Prakash S, Bangalore.

Publisher:PRISM Books Pvt Ltd

About the Book:

In the book, the author Smt. Veena Bhat highlights the seven spices used in Indian cooking (basically concentrating inSouth Indian cooking) and gives different recipes based on these recipes. In addition to this, she is giving an awareness about the different festivals celebrated in Karnataka, Glossary and the importance of tempering in cooking. Most of the recipe names are given in Kannada but you can find its details in glossary portion.

It is very useful to those who wants to know more about the Kannada cuisines.


The book is available for Rs. 295/- and I got it from Sapna Book house, Mysore.

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