How to Start a Blog and make money – From the Scratch

I have been blogging since 2002 when resources where minimal, but today, you will find tons of articles related to blogging or how to start a blog or how to make money from a blog. In this post I am sharing my experience related to blogging, the way I make money from my blogs, and help you set up your blog from the scratch and start making money from your blog. I am also revealing some of my tips and tricks which helped me make money from blogging.

Can we make money Blogging?

Yes, we can, I have been doing it, other than me, millions are doing it. So you can also do it. I will explain everything in details, just continue reading.

Before we continue, let me make something very clear

  1. There are no shortcuts to success.
  2. You will not make millions overnight with your blog.
  3. It would take some months at least to start making profits from your blog earnings.
  4. You need to spend time, money and energy to make money from your blog.
  5. You should be passionate about what your are doing.

If you are ok with these, then lets move further, or you can just leave this page now.

There are three steps involved in earning from blogging

Powerful, Search Engine Friendly and more

  1. Setting up your blog, which is signing up for hosting, domain registration, content management system setup
  2. Structuring your blog with proper category, tags, pages and posts
  3. Marketing your blog, generating traffic, optimizing your blog for search engine, watching analytics, etc

Let’s now go to the initial setting up process of a blog

Setting Up a Blog

Should I go for a free blog or a paid one?

There are many free blog services like WordPress, Blogger, etc, but we are not going for those services for some reasons

  1. Only sub-domain can be used
  2. Restrictions in customisation

I know some blogs on blogger which make money using Google Adsense, that works well, no investment.

If you are planning to make money from blogging and take your blog to a higher level, then you would need to go for a self hosted WordPress Blog.

Choosing your blog hosting service

It’s time to make a decision which should be wise as you are going to decide your web hosting service.

I would suggest to go with Dreamhost and choose the DreamPress option which is a optimised WordPress hosting package at a very nominal cost less than US$ 20 per month.

Sign Up for Dreamhost and choose the DreamPress package. You can also register your domain using Dreamhost. The setup process is very simple, so I am not going to go into all the details.

Must have plugins for WordPress

Plugins are used to customise any WordPress Website / Blog as per the requirement. You and add new features to your blog using WordPress Plugins. Some are free and some are paid. Check out the list of plugins that I would recommend.

  1. Yoast SEO – Best SEO Plugin
  2. Thirsty Affiliates – Best Affiliate Links Manager
  3. Jet Pack – An ideal plugin to get WordPress related services

These three plugins are the basic that I would suggest.

Recommended Themes for WordPress

WordPress themes are used to modify the looks of your blog / website. You should be very careful while selecting your theme as your theme would effect the overall performance of your blog, not just the looks. I suggest any of these themes, you need to pay and buy. If you do not want to invest now, just start off with a free pre-installed theme, but to make money from blogging, you should have invest and this would be a wise investment.

  1. Genesis Theme Framework
  2. Divi From Elegant Themes

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Now you have your blog setup done, you need to have some other basic setups done like the structure of your blog, categories, tags, which you are planning to use. This can be modified, added or removed, as you start posting content.

Keep these points in mind to understand WordPress SEO issues.

Tips on creating Content – make money from blogging

There are two types of blogs, a Niche blog and the multi-topic lifestyle blog, decide on what you should be going for. Check out the advantages of Niche Blog over lifestyle blog.

As you are aware, content is king and you need to spend good amount of time in writing good content.

How Much money we can make money from a blog every month?

This depends on some factors, some make few dollars a month, some few hundreds, some in thousands. Earning from blogging is not just about putting some Google Adsense ads on your blog, get some clicks and you get paid for that.

Let’s make few more things clear here. It is easy to setup a blog, but to keep a blog updated with fresh content is a difficult task. You should be passionate about what you do, especially when you have to do it every day. You should have a blog where you write about things which you are confident about, have sufficient knowledge to share with others, answer to the queries by readers and so on.

What are you planning to do using your blog?

There are blogs which are used to market product and services. You do not make money directly by selling advertisements or Google Adsense, but you sell products / services indirectly.

What are the sources of revenue for your blog?

You should always plan for multiple source of revenue from your blog. Suppose you decide to have rich content website and use Google Adsense for monetisation and due to some reasons, your Adsense account get blocked. What do you do? So you should not put all the eggs in one basket, think about at least 2-3 source of revenue from your blog, at least long term.

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Selling while Educating the visitors

You educate people on your blog on related topics and get customers for your products.

For example, you have a e-book on diabetes, you need to sell those books which would be giving tips to manage diabetes efficiently. You can start a blog with articles related to diabetes. You will get viewers who would be interested in your e-book. You make money selling those books rather than going for Google Adsense.

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Affiliate Marketing – Good Source of income for Bloggers

Affiliate marketing is a good way to make money from a blog. If you are not aware of affilate marketing, let me tell you in simple words. There are many products sold online. I have signed up as an affilaite for some products which are related to my blog, for example, Some useful WordPress Plugins which I have used. I write my experience about the plugin and put a link on my blog to the plugin seller’s website. Any visitor who comes to my blog page and reads about the plugin and decides to buy, so he clicks on the link provided which has a unique tracking code given to me by the plugin seller. All the visitors sent from my link are tracked. If anybody successfuly purchases, I get a affiliate commisision. You can find tons of such good products. I would suggest that you do good research and then join the affiliate program.

Writing Paid Reviews

You can start a service of reviewing products that you have good knowledge, you get paid for such services

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How do you build good traffic to your blog?

Now the real task, you have setup your blog, you have 20 pages with great content, but you do not have traffic, how will you make money? Traffic is the Ultimate goal for any blog or website.

Tips to increase traffic to your blog

  1. Good, useful and unique content in simple language
  2. Regular Updates, provide fresh content with consistent updates
  3. Promote your posts on Social Media
  4. Paid Advertisements

Unless you get your post ranked well in search engines SERPs, you will not have good traffic. The real valuable traffic comes from search engines like Google

Use services like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools for monitoring your blog performance.

Hope this post has given some idea on creating a blog and setting it up for generating traffic and ultimately making money from the blog. It is definitely possible to make money from blogging, I have been doing it and many are doing everyday. Try and work hard, you can also do it.

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