Tools to Engage your Visitors to spend more time on your blog

Tips to Make visitors spend more time on your website, reduce exit percentage, a visitor should go through more pages, page views should be more than number of unique visitors.

When a visitor comes to your blog and just reads what he or she wants and leaves your blog. This is normally which you and me do, but when we see a good blog or we see things which keep us spending more time on that site. We do this only when we find something interesting or something which is different.

Tips to visitors spend more time

Tips to make your visitors spend more time on your blog / website

You should have some features or tools which will make your first time visitor to spend more time on your blog. This will increase your page views compared to the number of visitors. You can check these stats using your analysis tool and I have mentioned about this in my previous post.

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I am listing out some tools that you could use to make your visitors to navigate to another page or spend sometime using some widgets that you have on your blog.

  1. Search Box – You should not forget to add up a search box which is very much showing out. The visitor might not have come to a page which he/she may be looking for. If you have a search box, the visitor may search and get to go and read another page or bookmark that page for future reference.
  2. Bookmarking Tool – Provoke your visitor to bookmark your blog for future reading
  3. Facebook Like Button – Facebook is very popular and is used by most of the netizens, you can make it easy for them to share it on their Facebook page which in turn will bring in more visitors.
  4. Tweet This Button – Twitter is used by millions of users and if you get your post tweeted by a person who has 1000′s of followers then you can imagine the traffic that can be generated.
  5. Email this Link – This could be helpful, but I have not seen this working much these days.
  6. Related Posts – Use some related posts plugin and see the difference. I have experienced a very high change in page views after using a related post plugin.
  7. Analyse the Exit % of your blog pages – Check out from which page does more visitors leave your site. If you find that a particular page has greater exit % then you need to improve that page.

These are few popular tools, you can decide what you should add to your blog. Please make sure that none of these effects the readability of your blog.

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