When should you quit your full time job and start blogging or Online Business?

I have been running this blog for many years now and I have learned, how to make money online and I understand, how money I can make using my blogs and other technical knowledge. Blogging is something I love and I have been doing this as a hobby. I have gone global because of this blog, twice participated on BBC World in a discussion and last week this blog was shown on NDTV related to the post on Padmanabha Swamy Temple.


There are many around the World who just sit at home and work and make much more than professionals who work for Multinationals under pressure. If you are making atleast 50% of what you are earning from your full time job, then you should say that it’s the right time to leave your full time job and work for yourself. You can have a better life and work at your own wish. You will not have to answer to your boss, but to yourself. Every work needs dedication and you will be successfully if you work hard and not hardly working.

I understand that taking a decision to quit a good full time job and getting into a online business is very tough, but one day you have to do it and before taking this decision, you need to make sure that you are going to do what you love to do and you see a good potential in the coming days. You should be prepared to face all the problems that could come when you get into online business as every business has ups and downs. I was reading a post from Darren where he talks about his experience of taking this decision. He was having a full time job and he had set a target and when he reached that, he quit his full time job and for many years now he is earning from his blogs, e-books and other online programs. If you search around the web, you will find 1000′s of successful bloggers who quit their full time job and got into this system.

My advice, just do not jump and take a decision, you should be confident and should have some back up financial support done before you take the decision of quitting your full time job and getting into an online business.

Let me know your comments and experience – Happy Blogging

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