Will Google Adsense Work for your blog?

This is a question which I have been asking myself and analyzing the revenue income fromGoogle Adsense. I have been using Google Adsense for this blog and studying the income using the channel feature of Google Adsense. I use Google Adsense for 13 different website and I did a detailed study on the income from my different websites.

In my case Google Adsense does not work well for this blog. I get more traffic and even I have got good loyal visitors, but the clicks on this blog is very low when comparing the CTR with other websites . I have about 185 Feed subscribers which I do not have on any of my other websites, but still the clicks generated on this blog is low when looking into the impressions and traffic of this blog.

What could be the reason?

Visibility and blending of ads– The ads are placed well and well blended according to my knowledge and experience. I have used the right color and placed above the content as well as the sidebars.

Possible reasons

Do you own a blog? If yes, do you use Google Adsense? If yes, do you click on Google ads on other blogs or websites?

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If I am to answer, I say NO,I very rarely click on other blogs Google Ads.

Reason – I am very scared to click on Google Ads as I do not even want to click on those and I have made an habit to always stay away from these ads. I know that I do have any problem clicking on Ads on other sites or blogs, but I am not willing to develop the habit of click on Google Ads. If I do that often, I am scared that I may click on the Google Ads on my blog too and I do not want to get my Google Adsense account banned.

Now how is this related to my blog Adsense CTR?

Most of my blog visitors are blog owners or bloggers who want to make money online. I do write only on this topic on this blog. Most of the visitors know what Google Adsense is and they do not want to click on these ads. I had run Google Adwords campaign two months back for about two months and my Google Adsense revenue was very high. I was getting most of the visitors who came clicking on a Google Ads and come to my blog go through some pages and again they click on one of the Google Adsense ads which they find on my blog and they go to the Advertiser’s web page. These visitors may not really know what Google Adsense is and they don’t know if this is an ad severed by Google.

My other websites, which are on different topic like  web directories, Online Encyclopedia, has very good CTR. The type of visitors on these websites are different from those I get on this blog. They are on an aim to find what they want and they do not hesitate to click any link which has a title that is similar to what they are looking for. So I get a better CTR on these websites.

I am sure that most of you who own a blog with Google Adsense, will be very hesitant to click on Google Adsense Ads even on other websites. Am I right, your comments are anticipated

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