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Brigade Symphony Mysore – Apartments

Brigade Symphony apartments at Mysore is located on KRS Road, just after the railway cross when you turn from the ring road. Popular Landmark is Golden Landmark Resort. Earlier, we have the coastal garden restaurant, but now it is closed. In this post you will find a Brigade Symphony Mysore owner review of Brigade Symphony after staying for two years.

Brigade Symphony Review By a Resident Owner

General Overview of Brigade Symphony Mysore

Brigade project in Mysore called Brigade Symphony Apartments. Premium apartments with world class facilities. The project is in 7 acres of land, with 5 acre open land. Facilities include cricket pitch, basket ball court, swimming pool, play area for children, club house with gym, table tennis, billiards and many more. The project is located at Metagalli on the KRS road. It’s about 3-4 kms from Columbia Asia hospital, very close to the ring road. Other nearby places are GRS Fantasy park, Reserve bank, Mahesh PU college, Mysore Steel, Falcon tyres.

Quality and the Project team

As the first owner to start using the apparent, I have worked very closely with the engineering and project people the most, personally they had tried their best to sort out all the issues as an when it came up. So I would say that the project team was good, but when it comes to the quality of work, most of the owners had serious problems. I expected much better quality from a builder like Brigade. Brigade does not directly do most of the work, they outsource it. Even though they have a quality department, the standards are not up to the prices charged. If you see the club house, the quality is good, but the standard of apartment is low, could have been much better.

Facilities at Brigade Symphony Mysore

Facilities are really good if you look at other projects in Mysore. I do not know of any project with much better facilities in Mysore.

Badminton court – Good court, but it’s open, so when it’s windy, you cannot use it. If it’s raining, you cannot use it. They could have offered a closed batminton court.

Tennis Court – Good one, I have never used it, so I cannot talk about it as a tennis player, looks good and its covered from all the sides.

Cricket Pitch – Good, I used it

Swimming Pool – There are pools for kids and adults, they call it infinity pool, but it’s not true, they pool should have been installed with heaters, it cannot be used during cold season.

Club House – Average facility, small events can be organised, a gym with minimal equipment, table tennis, billiards, some visitors area, etc. No mosquito nets, if you switch on the lights and windows / door open, the club house will be full of mosquitoes. Could have done better, no much rocket science needed.

Suggested Reading – Club House and Pool at Brigade Symphony

Landscaping – The best in Mysore, lots of effort taken and it has come up very well

Kids play area – Fine, but the roads inside and speeding vehicles are a threat.

As per the brochure, the project claims ot have 5 acres of open space, but big chunk of open space seems to be allocated for parking vehicles.

Electricity backup – Excellent

Water – Excellent

BSNL Optic Fibre – You can apply for BSNL FTTH, first community in Mysore to get this facility.

Other facilities like 24×7 security, post boxes, lift, etc are available. No tuck shop yet, so you need to go a bit for any kind of shopping.

Brigade Symphony Rent

You get a premium rent for this property, but not worth to cover the investment cost, there are better options to get better mostly returns. If you are looking for getting a place for rent at Brigade Symphony, just drop in and talk to the security or the estate manager.

Brigade Symphony Mysore Price

A block is still under construction, you can get the right price by contacting Brigade directly. I understand that you can get a good bargain as the real estate market is down after demonetisation.

Brigade Symphony Mysore Pictures

Work at Brigade Symphony Mysore is still going on, B and C blocks are complete, A block construction is at its peak. Yes the residents do have problems / disturbences (Both sound and dust pollution) due to the construction, but that was a known fact. So for the next 3 years we would have to bear this as there is a hotel construction too started at one corner of the project.

Serious Threats – Pollution from the neighbouring Industries

Other threat is for Brigade symphony Mysore residents is from the neighbouring industries. Falcon Tyres is not functioning, so no issues as of now from that side. The company facility is still there and nobody can be assured that it will not be taken over by any other company like the JK tyres and start production. Mysore steel had given all the owners a shock when they all of a sudden started production and tons of smoke was emitted. As of now, there air quality level is good, but you will need to get used to the disturbing sound of trains passing by and some sound from the industries.

Overall, its a good place, but things could have been much better if the chaltha hai attitude was not taken. Tradition of doing things in a wrong way does not make things correct. Sometimes we get answers from seniors of the company that “We are doing like this for the past 30 years in all our projects, so we will continue to do it.”

Brigade Symphony Mysore

I have written this with a experience of 2 years of Stay at Brigade Symphony and its a owners review. Will keep this post updated.

Hope this brigade symphony review is useful to others. More Interesting things to come soon on Brigade Symphony Mysore

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  1. Liked you review. We have booked an apartment in A Block and are waiting for completion. Thanks for your inputs.

  2. Hi Kishore, Thanks for your review. This month we have planned to book 3 BHK flat but I need to think after reading your review. As I’m worried about two things surrounding pollution and apartment quality.


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