Lunch at Forum Mall Bangalore 

Came for some work to Bangalore. Had to visit Forum Mall for some shopping.

Food at Malabar Coastal Cuisine was great. You have different tastes from Vegetarian to coastal sea food, Subway, Vada Paw. 

Update : 24-October-2016 15:17 (IST)

You can get other street food like the Vada Paw, Missle, etc. Nice environment to sit and eat.

Destiny – Farm stay at Ooty

About 22kms from the Ooty town near to a place called Emrald, you will find this farm stay, a real experience that you should never miss. The farms stay is call Destiny. You have to do online booking to avoid disappointment.

You should be aware that there are no proper mobile networks, no TV, but full of nature, farms, Dairy farm, pond. You cannot take your car till the final destination as the roads are not good. You have a safe parking place where you park your vehicle and then you will be taken on their bus or Jeep. Its about 2km ride from the parking place. Once you reach Destiny, you will really enjoy the hospitality, food and above all the climate, nature.

Word of caution – You do not get alcohol there, you should be prepared.

Highly recommended place, will go again