This happens when Diabetic Person drinks Soya Milk

The best diet for gaining / maintaining right weight for a daibetic

Diet is one of the most important factor, when it comes to fighting diabetes.

Can diabetic people use cow milk ?

Milk is a good source of nutrition, but if you are diabetic, then you should know that milk has good % of carbohydrate which is not going to help you in keeping your sugar level low. Other option is to get low fat or skimmed milk which will have less calories and low in carbs.

Which milk is best for diabetic?

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Other than Cow milk there are some good options like the Unsweetened Soya milk, Almond milk, Coconut milk.

I have tried all these and now I use either of these everyday. I use combinations mostly for making oats / coffee / etc

Which milk has the least sugar ?

Almond milk (unsweetened)400 g
Soy milk (unsweetened)801 g
Rice milk (unsweetened)12010 g
Coconut milk beverage (unsweetened)500 g

Check out this video for more details

Best Milk for Diabetic Patients

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