Fighting Diabetes by bodybuilding

The best diet for gaining / maintaining right weight for a daibetic

I have been working out and doing weight training for the past 5 years now. As I have mentioned in the past about me getting diagnosed as diabetic, going through the tough time of high blood glucose level and how I got my HbA1C to a better level. I will be explaining diabetes bodybuilding methods including the supplements and other important steps / tips for fighting diabetes.

One of the method that I used to fight diabetes was bodybuilding or building muscle mass.

diabetes bodybuilding supplements

Along with other important factors like diabetic diet, proper monitoring of vitals, blood glucose level, proper sleep are to be followed along with working out / weight training for bodybuilding.

Fighting Diabetes Videos

Why did I get into bodybuilding when I was diabetic?

Bodybuilding and Diabetes – If you are healthy enough to get into weight training, start working out under guidance of a trained instructor after consulting your doctor. Body building is one of the best method to fight diabetes naturally. If you have good muscle mass and less body fat, then you are getting better. Your muscles would help you in keeping your blood glucose level.

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Can bodybuilding fight diabetes?

Yes, it’s a proven fact. You can keep your blood glucose level under control by working out to build muscles. You should also be focusing on other important factors like low carb diet, proper sleep, regular monitoring of blood glucose levels, etc.

Can diabetic people have supplements which help bodybuilding?

Yes, after researching and trying out myself, I can suggest few good supplements that diabetic people can take safely. Keep monitoring your blood test reports and consult your doctor before you start anything. It is working well for me, so I am having it.

What are the diabetes bodybuilding supplements?

Bodybuilding nutritions for diabetes is different from normal nutritions. Basically being diabetic you should avoid having anything that would spike your blood glucose level.

bodybuilding nutrition for diabetes

Whey Protein

Check the label of the product to find the % of sugar and carbohydrates. Most of the Whey Proteins available would not have sugar or carbohydrates. Also check if 1 scoop has about 20-25 grams of protein.

whey protein diabetes bodybuilding


Is a good supplement to bodybuilding. It improves strength and is a natural supplement. Other than these, I suggest, glutamine, beta-alanine

Steps to Start Off – Diabetic Person Weight Training

Diabetes Bodybuilding – If you are a person who already goes to gym and does some treadmill or do spend time for sports everyday, it would be easy. There is a big difference between sports, long runs, treadmill, etc and weight training. If you want to do bodybuilding then you have to go for  weight training, have good protein and low carb diabetic diet. Completely avoid sugar and go for something safe like natural sweaters Stevia.

Check out this video on diabetes bodybuilding

Fighting Diabetes

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