Diagnosis – How I came to know that I am Diabetic ?

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It was in the year 2002 when I not feeling well suffering from loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting etc. I had just joined my new job in the Maldives at AMDC as a a marketing executive. I initially felt that this could be because of the change in climate, location, job, etc.

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I consulted our in-house specialist Dr Swaroop Reddy who was a Gastroentrologist. He asked me to do some investigations and finally I was diagnosed with Jaundice. Another shocking finding was that my blood glucose level was very high.

The doctor asked me if I was diabetic and I was shocked. After further investigations, it was found that my pancreas were not functional and this was due to some infection which was recent along with jaundice.

I had to travel back to India for expert management and treatment for jaundice and diabetes, my new friends, One was my lifetime and other could have been my lifetime too if I could not have got an help of a non-medical person (Teacher by Profession).

I was admitted in a hospital in Kayamkulam for treating high bilirubin levels. My bilirubin levels were going up day after day and doctors were felt to give me false hopes. After the tenth day a nurse attending to me, told that the situation is getting worse and suggested my father to take me to a place nearby where an old lady would give some herbal medicines. My father spoke about this to me and we decided to go for it. We were told to reach that house before the sunrise, empty stomach. I went there with my father and I was given a ball of bitter herbs (herbs ground and made into thick paste) with some sugar to mask the taste. No water was allowed and I was told to be there for 15 minutes. If I do not vomit, I can go home or I will be given that medicine again. Good luck that I did not vomit and I was told to discharge and go home.

It was a tough decision to take, my bilirubin level was about 18 (Normal is 0.9) and I decided to go home. Within few hours I was feeling better, no nausea and was feeling hungry). I was very curious to find out my bilirubin level and after 3 days, was shocked to find that it had fallen to 9 from 18. On the 17th day, my bilirubin level was 0.9 (Normal).

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I came back to Maldives and when I met the gastroenterologist who treated me, he was shocked. He did all the tests on me and found that I was absolutely normal. He also took the contact details of that lady at Kayamkulam for his reference.

I was on insulin for about 2 years, then was put on some oral drugs.

This is my story of being diagnosed diabetic. I was just 32.

As on today after about 15 years, I am doing well, living a normal life. Check out more post on Fighting Diabetes if you are interested.

Check out this video on my current status

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