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The best diet for gaining / maintaining right weight for a daibetic

Stevia sweetener – I was searching for Steviana, a powder which is a sugar substitute  like Equal sweetener which was recommended by one of my friend. I had been searching for this, finally today I found this at Fantasy Stores in Male’. I do not usually use sweeteners, but only when I have Coffee, I need some sweetness.

Stevia is a sweetener and sugar substitute extracted from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana.

Is Stevia Safe for Diabetic People?

Being Diabetic – I don’t eat direct sugar. This is something which I have been using, just for my Coffee.

Check out this Video from more information about the active ingredient Stevia, which is a leaf.

Video on Stevia Sweetener

Stevia Sweetner – Natural Sugar Substitute

The cost of one pack of 50 sachets is Mrf 130, less than US$10. I did not see this before at the store, it could be new arrival. It’s a product from Saudi Arabia.

You can buy Stevia leaves from Amazon India also

Update : 11-November-2017 19:27 (IST)

Now this is not available at Fantasy Stores in Male.

Update : 19th-Feb-2018

I have got some good Stevia from Amazon, the taste is natural and found to be good.

Stevia Sweetener - India

This one is a liquid stevia sweetener, two drops of this in a cup of coffee tastes good for me.

The left one is Steviana, which I used initially, really good one, but I am not able to get it. GAIALite is ok, but there is a. after taste.

As per information from different sources, Stevia does not have any side effects and I safe for long term consumption.As this is zero calorie, it is good for people on weight loss programs or suffering from obesity.

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Update : 19-February-2018 12:36 (IST)

Check these out before you buy a Stevia Sweetener

When you buy a Stevia sweetener, check out all the ingredients in that product. I have seen many stevia products which has some other chemicals, which I am not sure about. The best thing would be to search for the details of the ingredients that have been added to make sure that it is safe.

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