Some Stress is good for health

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The challenges that we face on a daily basis are manifold and these take a toll on our health. The challenge is to progress always, but are we actually progressing? With the increase in the number of people undergoing stress-related disorders such as depression, anxiety, headaches, migraines and blood pressure, are we really moving ahead when it comes to living a healthy life? Probably not.

Though mental and physical health is on our priority list, yoga and healthy eating are becoming a way of life and spiritualism, a religion. Still we find it difficult to cope? The definition of stress states that when the demands are higher than one’s resources and ability to cope a person may experience stress. And what we do all the time is constantly push ourselves, sometimes not realising how much we can deal with.

Stress is domain that knows no boundaries. Both men as well as women experience stress, and not just that, they also experience similar type of stress. Women have become more career-oriented and the men attempt to strike a balance between family and work. The social aspect has changed in the last few decades, and stereo-type roles assigned to men and women have also changed.

The one’s who are married find it difficult to cope with nuclear as well as joint families. The single long for companionship, while live-ins and convenient relationships are sometimes easy solutions. Infidelity and low frustration tolerance makes divorce an easy way out.

Besides the stress in personal life it has accelerated on the professional front too. Competition is increasing, and so is insecurity and the need to reach a higher social status and better life style. One wants to provide the best to one’s children and save for the future too.

Stress is not just a phenomenon for men and women or the grown-ups, even children experience stress. They are stressed about studies, peer pressure, parental pressure and various other things. The adolescents feel the need to make quick money and have an enjoyable life, but often wonder how to do it.

So, how much can one deal with. Is there any one without stress? Luckily, some stress is good for health for it makes us work hard and do better for ourselves.

But, the other end of excessive stress leads to mental and physical disorders. Stress may never leave us, but we need to get away from it time and again. So how does one distress? One way of doing it is compartmentalizing personal and professional life. Spending some time just for one’s own self. Resolving internal and external conflicts can also be helpful. Deal with stress in a positive way.

Talk to someone, go for walks, and seek help as and when required. Avoid negative-coping mechanism such as drinking, smoking, drugs and other addictions which are only a temporary solution to the bigger problem. These mechanisms only increase stress.

Sometimes people avoid being stressed which leads to pent-up feelings. People are often unable to understand that dealing with the problem helps in moving ahead. Although we know it may be difficult to cope, and the pressures may increase, starting the day on a good note with a smile can bring a change within and around us. Make your expectations and ambitions a positive booster rather than a negative downer, and your stress levels are bound to go down.

My stress buster:- Two hours of health management each morning by way of yoga, exercises & work outs in the gym also help. Read a lot about good things. This too helps in keeping positively level high. Spiritual inclination is also a great motivator & so is the wonderful time once pence with family & children so this is an automatic stress buster amidst any hard pressed situation.

Relaxation tips:- Here is an easy and quick way relax your eyes after working on the computer for a long time.

  1. Lie down or sit in an upright position.
  2. Make cups of your palms and place them on your eyes. Don’t close your eyes when you do this.
  3. Wait and count till ten and remove your palms and close your eyes. Repeat this a couple of times and you will feel the difference.
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