Yoga, By My Father

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I had been to my home recently and was going through old pictures and got this one. This is my father long ago. I don’t know the name of this asana, but its something very difficult to do. He is a master in Yoga and has taught me and my sister some yoga which is really helpful. He is now 69 and still practices Yoga. Yoga is a powerful discipline that can improve health and fitness. Regular yoga practice has been known to increase the stamina, flexibility, stability and strength. Practicing of yoga postures also brings a feeling of well-being to the entire body by stimulating the organs and improving the circulation.

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Yoga affects complete body mind complex and triggers a change from negative to positive direction on the physical, mental, spiritual plane of existence.

Yoga helps in reducing physical, mental and emotional stress. Yoga is well-known for its calming effects. Because of the body/mind connection, if the muscles are relaxed by stretching, the mind will also relax, with less anxiety and better sleep patterns.

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