Meat Up – New service to buy fresh meat, fish online – Mysore

Buy Meat Online in Mysore – MeatUp If you are looking to buy meat, chicken, fish, lamb, duck online, there is a new service called MeatUp. To buy meat or fish in Mysore is a big task. You have to go to the Market which sometimes stinks and experience is not very friendly. There were […]

First Internet Village of Kerala – Malayinkil

I was doing pharmacy business at Malayinkil / Malayinkeezu when I got the privilege to create the first internet village in Kerala. This was in the year 1998 when I started an Internet cafe at Malayinkil inside Kishore Medicals. Malayinkeezu, the first Internet village of Kerala Service Provider for the Internet VSNL – Videsh Sanchar […]

Fresh To Home – Buy Chicken, Fish and Mutton Online in India

FreshToHome is a service where you can buy fresh fish, mutton and chicken online. The services are available in select cities like Bangalore, Mysore, Kochi, Trivandrum, etc. I did my first purchase today, got some chicken breast, not frozen, but was refrigerated, fresh. You can find different varieties of fish, mutton and chicken like steaks, fillets, […]

Winds and its Types

Introduction The horizontal movement of air along the earth’s surface is called a Wind. The vertical movement of the air is known as an air current. Winds and air current together comprise a system of circulation in the atmosphere. The movement and the speed of wind are affected by three main factors: Pressure gradient Rotation […]

Sharpen your Memory

We remember only a tiny amount of the things we experience because memory space is limited. So we have to use it economically, storing as little as possible and forgetting as soon as is expedient. Catch a few tips to sharpen your memory. Something about memory MEMORY is a biological library that we use at […]