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Buy Meat Online in Mysore – MeatUp

If you are looking to buy meat, chicken, fish, lamb, duck online, there is a new service called MeatUp. To buy meat or fish in Mysore is a big task. You have to go to the Market which sometimes stinks and experience is not very friendly. There were no way to buy meat online in Mysore for long time.

I was using a service called FreshToHome, but they stopped service few months back. Again I had to depend going to the market, in fact I had avoided buying meat, but did not stop eating, instead, used to have from non-vegetarian restaurants in Mysore.

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I came to know about this service when I had gone to the La Marqueta Carnaval event where I saw a banner of MeatUp.

You can order meat online and get your order delivered within 1-2 hours. I have used this service two times and have a good feedback. They claim 100% Halal, 60 mins delivery, farm fresh. I understand that the location of their office is somewhere near Udaigiri, but I could not find it on their website.

buy meat online in Mysore - MeatUp Mysore

Buy Country Chicken (Naati Kozhi) Online – Mysore

I also tried the country chicken (Naati) which was really good, fresh and they cut it as per your instruction.

As of now the service is really good. You even order through phone and they have the option of Cash on delivery.

Mode of Payment

You can make the payment either Cash on Deliver (COD) or through PayTm.

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