First Internet Village of Kerala – Malayinkil

I was doing pharmacy business at Malayinkil / Malayinkeezu when I got the privilege to create the first internet village in Kerala. This was in the year 1998 when I started an Internet cafe at Malayinkil inside Kishore Medicals.

Malayinkeezu, the first Internet village of Kerala

Service Provider for the Internet

VSNL Internet

VSNL – Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited, I submitted the application for the internet dialup connection to Chennai. I got the connection details after about 45 days.

What was the speed of the connection?

Officially 28kbps, it would very lucky if I get the connected. I used to wake up at 4 am to connect to the internet. I still remember the dialler on my windows 95 PC. Once we dial the connection using the telephone line connected via dialup modem. A black screen comes up where the username and password has to be keyed in, and if you are lucky you get connected.

Configuration of the Hardware

I had two PC at my Internet cafe, the first one was a PC, the Pentium III, 5 GB hard disk, 64mb ram.

I had provided a unique service of internet email for the public. There were some parents / elderly people who had their kids staying in US or other developed country where Internet was used widely. I used to scan handwritten letters from our place and  email it to the receipt and they used to email me the reply and I print it out and send it to the recipient. This was a well accepted service at a very nominal price of INR 25 during those days for one page.

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Cost of Internet Browsing during the late 90’s

I used to charge INR 120 for one hour to use the internet. I was charged for the time as well as call charges for my telephone used to dialup.

Tops Search Engine used

Altavista , Excite, Yahoo. Google was just born

Popular Email Service – Hotmail / Yahoo / Excite

After VSNL, first private service provider was Satyam and then came ETH

I expanded the business later with adding up data entry work and the place used to always booked. This business motivated me to get into IT and I did my Software Programming from Carnegie Technology of Education, Pittsburg.

This is the story of the creating of the First Internet Village of Kerala

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