Cost of Living and Salary in Maldives

Cost of living and salary and the most two important factors which any expatriate employee would look before getting into a job. Here we are talking about the this with reference to Maldives

Salary in Maldives

Please note that this post is related only to the Expatriates / Foreigners working in Maldives and not the locals. It is very important that the cost of living and salary should be in right ratio to make some savings. There are expatriates from about 80 countries working in Maldives an the population of foreign workers is very significant. They do have a big impact on the development and economy of the country.

Income Tax in Maldives

Casual Laborers / Odd Jobs Salary

Salaries in Maldives are much higher than the neighboring countries, that is the reason we find a lot of expatriate workers in Maldives. The minimum salary fixed for casual laborers are better if the payments are done on time. Most of the reputed companies do pay on time.

Other professionals Salary – Engineers, Teachers, Medical, Doctors and other para medical staff

Most of the professionals are paid well, especially in the tourism and medical industry. I would not be able to give fixed salary details as you know the salary would depend on the experience of the employee and standards of the employer.

Expats to pay remittance Tax in Maldives – Working in Maldives

Standard of Living in Maldives

Standard of living in Maldives is different for different income group. You can find a Doctor or CEO living in a well furnished accommodation which would be provided by the employer.

Factors that effect the standard of living in Maldives

  1. The brand or the employer
  2. Salary and other benefits of the employee

Cost of Living in Maldives

Mostly everything in Maldives costs high other than local Tuna fish. Cost of living is very high compared to all the neighboring countries in Maldives.

Cost of Food

Most of the products including perishable goods are imported. As most the goods suffers import duty and cost of transportation, labor, rent, electricity are very high. There are some food grown in some farms in different islands in Maldives, but again, its costly as the workers are mostly foreigners and everything for farming needs to be imported.

Cost of Accommodation

Cost of Accommodation is very high as is known to be one of the costliest place in the world. Again it would depend on the location too, not the streets in Male’, but islands. If you are in a remote island, you can get accommodation at very cheap rate, but in Male’ and Hulhumale‘, it’s very high.

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Overall, cost of living is very high in Maldives, but again you do not need to bring money from your home to spend here, you get paid better, you should be getting a better salary which should take care of your cost of living and make some savings every month from what you earn in Maldives.

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