Eye Department at AMDC Clinic

AMDC clinic has a full fledged ophthalmology department with visiting eye specialist from Sri Lanka and Dr Junaid. AMDC Eye Clinic has all the latest eye testing equipment.

Dr Junaid and Dr Niuma would be seeing patients regularly with appointments (Please call 3325979 for appointments)

Dr Nandakumar from Lanka Hospital, Colombo visits every month.

Doctors at AMDC Eye Clinic

  1. Dr Junaid
  2. Dr Niuma
  3. Dr Nanadakumar

Dr Nandakumar from Lanka Hospital would be visting every month. Other than seeing regular OPD patients, he would also seeing followup patients from Lanka Hospital.

Update : 05-December-2017 16:23 (IST)

Dr Abdulla Junaid is seeing patients everyday – Please call 3325979 for appointments

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