Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Expatriate Working in Maldives – 2019

There are more than 100 K expatriates working in Maldives from almost 50 countries, but the majority are from neighbouring countries like India, Sri Lank and Bangladesh.

There are many who have got a job, and waiting for work visa, some have already got everything done, just ready to travel and some are trying to a get a job. These FAQ’s are for all the 3 categories or even for expats who have just reached Maldives

These are some questions that came in my mind and after reading the comment on my earlier vlog posts. I will try to keep this page updated as often as possible. If you find anything important missing, please post in the comments, I will add it if it is relevant.

General FAQ for expatriates working in Maldives

Do I have any medical check ups other than the Work Permit Medical check up?

Yes, most of the resorts depending upon their standards would have regular medical check ups like the hygienic screening for food poison causing bacteria and other tests.

How much money should I pay to get a job in Maldives?

If you are going to find a job in Maldives through an agency, you would have to pay their charges, the charges varies depending on the profession / salary / company etc. There are many companies where they recruit directly and you do not have to pay anything, in fact they will even send you the ticket for your travel, receive you at the airport, put you in a decent hotel as soon as you arrive and arrange for the accommodation that was agreed as per the contract.

How long does it take to get a work visa (Employment Approval)?

Roughly between 10-20 working days, there are chances that it gets delayed or many reasons. You need to followup with your company HR department for the updates.

How to find a job in Maldives?

There are many ways to find a job in Maldives like jobs website, recruitment agencies, etc
Check out this vlog on details on finding a Job in Maldives

What is the average salary in Maldives?

We cannot come up with certain figure like average salary, but Maldives salary is much higher than neighbouring countries and for higher posts, the salaries are really good. Odd jobs / labourers , salaries are not that great, but better than home country

Is it safe for expatriates to work in Maldives?

Maldives is as safe as any other country if you are not getting in unnecessary activities. There are issues like robberies, but nothing worrying if you are careful.

How do I check if the visa is genuine?

As on today the only option is to make sure that the visa is send from your company HR email and you are communicating with somebody from the company. There are many agents who are selling fake Employment Approval (EA) and cheating job seekers.

How is the climate condition in Maldives?

It’s generally warm and humid. You would need an air-conditioner in your room if you expect to get good sleep especially during the summer

Can I come on a tourist visa and search for a Job?

Tourist visa is for tourism, so legally you cannot, but there are people coming on tourist visa for interviews and job search.
Check out the types of visa in Maldives

Can I get visa for my family?

If your profession qualifies for a dependent visa then you can, mostly managers or similar level jobs allow for dependent visa. You would need to check with your employer to get a confirmation

How to find accommodation in Maldives?

There are some services where you can search for accommodation. There are some Facebook pages / websites too like

What are the medical check ups (Work Visa Medical) I have to go through to get a work visa?

Details of the tests for Work Visa Medicals In Maldives

What happens if I fail in the medical check up?

If you have any communicable disease like HIV, HbsAg, Tuberculosis, etc then you will have to leave the country. Other issues like VDRL needs to be treated before you can start working.
Work Permit Medicals – AMDC Maldives

How often do I have to undergo work visa medical check up?

For every work permit renewal, every year

How much would it cost for a 1 bedroom apartment in Male’ (Capital City)?

Roughly around USD 1000

How is the cost of living in Maldives?

Almost 4 times compared to India. Check out this post on details on cost of living in Maldives

How is the transportation system in Maldives?

Taxi and buses. You can buy a motorcycle if you are able to get a driving license

Is Indian driving license valid in Maldives?

You can get a Maldivian driving license without going through the tests if you have a valid Indian driving license.

How costly is internet and mobile calls in Maldives?

Not very costly, very much affordable, there are two service provider, Dhiraagu and Ooredoo.

How do I send money to the bank in my home country?

You can transfer money from your bank account in Maldives to your account in India. You should make sure that you open an NRE account in India to get all the tax benefits. There are banks like Bank of Maldives, State Bank of India, Habib Bank, HSBC and more.
Other options like western union and other money transfers are also available.

Are there any income tax in Maldives?

No there are no income tax for individuals or expatriates working in Maldives, but there is something for remittance tax.

Can I change my job after joining a company?

Yes you can depending on your contract. You will need to know the termination clause in your job contract and accordingly you will have to submit your resignation and leave the country. Once your employer cancels your work visa, the new employer can apply for new work visa. If your old employer fails or delays to cancel the work visa, then you will have to wait till it is cancelled.
Other option is if your existing employer gives a transfer permission then you can move to the new job without exiting the country.

Can I do work jobs along with my regular job?

Yes if you have written permission from your employer / work permit holder, no if you do not have the permission.

Can I (expatriate) buy a house / property in Maldives?

No as of now

Can I get Maldives Citizenship?

No as of now.

Can I marry a Maldivian?

Yes, there are some legal and religious formalities.

How is it like to live with family?

There are many expatriates living in Maldives with family. It would be great if you are provided with decent accommodation, good salary. Schooling is very costly if you are going for International schools.
If you have low salary, shared accommodation, then do not think about taking your family with you.

How are the schools / education in Maldives as far as a expatriate is concerned?

There are good number of private and government schools. Also there are some good International schools.

How are the healthcare facilities in Maldives?

There are some good hospitals and clinics, but for major health issues you will have to travel to India or any other neighbouring countries.

Do we get all kind of medicines in Maldives?

No all, only medicines approved by MFDA are available

Can I start my own business / shop in Maldives?

Check out this vlog on starting your own business in Maldives

Do I have to clear any exams to start working in Maldives?

Yes most of the medical professionals would need to clear local exams. No exams for specialist doctors as of now.

What happens if I am not able to clear the exams?

You can attempt multiple times, but after 3rd attempt you will have leave if you do not clear the exams

Do health professionals have any insurance coverage for risks?

No as of now.

How is it like to work in a Resort in Maldives?

Resort life is very different from living in Capital city Male’ or any other inhabited islands in Maldives. I have done a detailed vlog on working in resorts in Maldives.

Do I get service charge?

Yes, every resort collects service charge so you should be paid. There are many high end resorts where service charges are higher than regular salary.

How is the cost of living in a resort?

There are nothing to spend when you are working in a resort in Maldives. Usually you will be provided with free place to stay, food and clothings, so what else to spend in a private island?

Do I have any medical check ups other than the Work Permit Medical check up?

Yes, most of the resorts depending upon their standards would have regular medical check ups like the hygienic screening for food poison causing bacteria and other tests.

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