Is there income tax in Maldives?

Income tax in Maldives – This is a question asked by many when they are trying to get a job in Maldives or if they are offered a job.


Income Tax in Maldives for Expatriates

As on today – There is no personal income tax. Expatriates working in Maldives would need to pay 3% remittance tax for the money they send home from their salary. Income tax it not applicable for locals, salaried class or even expatriate / foreign workers in Maldives.

There is something called withholding tax which is for companies or services providers or professionals who come for a contract and work on business visa.

BPT or business profit tax is payed by companies and rent earned is also subject to income tax in Maldives

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So good news in for expatriates coming to Maldives to work, do not have to worry of any income tax. For Indians, the earning from a foreign country when you have a NRI (Non Resident Indian) Status, you do not have to pay tax even in India too.

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