Jobs in Maldives – Most demanded Professionals and Salary

Maldives is a country depending on expatriates for human resources as there is a huge demand for skilled professionals like teachers, Doctors, Pharmacists, Engineers, Laboratory Technicians, Nurses, Hotel Management, IT, etc. This is a simple guide for people who are searching for Jobs in Maldives. You will find the details of most in demand professionals in Maldives.

For foreign workers – Work Visa for Expatriates

Jobs in Maldives

Jobs in Maldives for Indians

If you check the data of expatriate working in the Maldives, you will find that the majority of expatriate working in Maldives are Indians. After that there would be Bangladeshi, Srilankans and so on. Indian being very near to Maldives, many Indians prefer to come to Maldives for Jobs. As for the employer, they prefer Indians for few reasons that they are hard working, easy to find qualified professionals, cost for tickets are less, etc.

Maldives Jobs Salary

The salary for any job in Maldives is much higher compared to the neighbouring countries like Indian, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh or even some other develped countries. We see expatriates from about 80 countries working in Maldives. I would not go for detailed pay structure for all the professionals but can give some idea with few examples.

A 2 years experience MBBS doctor would not be paid more than $500-$1000 in India, but in Maldives, a medical officer would earn not less than $2000.

Like you get paid more here, the cost of living in Maldives is also very high.

Jobs in Maldives for Freshers

As far as freshers are concerned, it’s a big No to Expatriates, but for locals, there are job openings in different industries. Starting from the hotel industry to even in the Government departments. Front Office / Customer care Jobs are mostly taken by freshers and locals.

Teaching Jobs in Maldives – 2018

Maldives has huge number of Government Schools all over the country and few private schools in Male’, the capital of Maldives. Most of the teaching jobs are done by expatriates, but in the past 4-5 years lot of locals has taken up the teaching profession. I still see that there is a big demand for teaching jobs in Maldives for Foreigners.

Check out the Ministry of Education for latest teachers Jobs Vacancies in the Maldives – More Info

Hotel Jobs in Maldives

The biggest industry in the Maldives is Hotel / Resorts / Tourism. There are more than 200 world class hotels in the Maldives. Depending upon the size of the resort, the number of staffs varies from 100 to 500 or some upto 800. Every year there are new resorts opening. In 2018 there are about 10 new resorts opening in Maldives which would be opening new job vacancies in the hotel industry.

Types of Visas in Maldives – How to Get Work Visa?

Most wanted professionals for Hotels / Resorts in Maldives

  1. Chefs
  2. Housekeeping Staff
  3. Human Resources
  4. IT
  5. Yoga Instructors
  6. Spa Therapists

You can find Job vacancies related to the Hotel Industry at respective hotel website.

Medical Professional Jobs in the Maldives

There is a huge demand for Medical Professionals in the Maldives. Even though the demand is high, the process of getting the pre-registration, clearing of the local exams are mandatory for medical profession jobs.

Below are the most wanted medical professionals in Maldives

  1. Physiotherapist
  2. Dentist
  3. Medical Officer (MBBS)
  4. Nurses
  5. Pharmacists
  6. Laboratory Technicians
  7. Specialist Doctors
  8. Radiographers
  9. Radiologists

The employment for a medical profession is regulated compared to other professionals. The conditions for Job for a medical professional is to get pre-registered as per the regulations by the Ministry of Health. The employee has to have proper documents, experience, IELTS, etc to get registered at Maldives Medical Council. Medical professionals have also to clear an exam within the prescribed period to continue working in the Maldives.

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Some of the Hospitals, Clinics in Maldives where you can search for jobs are

  1. Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital
  2. ADK Hospital
  3. TreeTop Hospital
  4. AMDC Clinic
  5. Ministry of healh

Job Vacancies at Dharumavantha Hospital Maldives

This is a new government hospital opening up soon in the Maldives. This would be biggest healthcare facility in the Maldives. The hospital is expected to open by July 2018 or at least before the end of this year.

New Job in Maldives – Expatriates Read this before you travel to Maldives

Recruitment for Dharumavantha Hospital should start atleast 2-3 months before the opening of this biggest hosptal in Maldives.

Will keep this post updated on the Job Openings at this institution.

Maldives is a nice place to work for expatraites, with better salary.

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