New Job in Maldives – Expatriates Read this before you travel to Maldives

Got a Job in Maldives – I have shared some of my thoughts and experiences working in Maldives. and have done couple of videos too on this topic of expatriates working in Maldives, cost of living and so on. This post is on the kind of questions that I get lots of emails and messages when somebody gets a job and is traveling for the first time to Maldives.

Coming for new job in Maldives
Jetty at Male’ – Maldives 

Things to check before you travel to Maldives for the first time for a job

Getting a Job

How can I find a Job in Maldives

There are many job websites for finding employments in Maldives, which you can find searching on Google. Most of the resorts would list job vacancies on their own websites. There are many sites like linkedin, and so on where you can find jobs in Maldives.

How much should I pay to get a job in Maldives?

You do not have to pay any money to your employer to get a job, but if you are using some agencies, then you would have to pay their service charges. I want to caution all the job seekers, do not pay anything more than one month salary to get a job, not just in Maldives, anywhere in the world. I have met many who have taken loans and paid even 1 year salary to get a job a in Maldives and they sometimes have to go back for some reasons without even recovering what they have paid for their job. So please do not pay anything more than 1-2 months basic salary.

Work Visa

Is there income tax in Maldives?

You need to have a proper valid work visa to legally work in Maldives. You will be getting your work visa from your employer.

How long with it take to get the work visa processed ?

After submitting your documents to the immigration, it would take about 10 days to process a work visa if everything submitted is fine. If the job is for medical professionals like doctor, nurse, etc, then it goes through a process of pre-registration from the ministry of health and that would take at least 30 days before the work visa can be applied.

Going for a new job to Maldives – Watch this till the end

How much should I pay for getting a work visa?

You do not have to pay anything for your work visa, it is the responsibility of  your employer to pay all the charges.


Get a copy of the contract and go through it in details, if needed consult a lawyer. If you have any clarifications, communicate with your company HR and get everything answered. I would suggest to get all the communications done using emails and keep for future references, if needed.

Accommodation & Food

You should be provided with food and accommodation other than your basic salary and allowances.

Place of work

Your contract should mention the place of work. There are many remote islands in Maldives, where you many not get all the facilities, so make sure that you do proper research before you sign your contract about the place you are going to work. If it is in Male’ or Hulhumale’, then you are working at the best place in the Maldives.

Background of the company

It is good to have a check the background the company that you are going to work. There are many companies in Maldives, who do not pay salaries on time, make expats work for more hours and not following the labour laws. You have an option to file a case in the tribunal, but again, that would be very tough for an expatriate.

Other Common Questions

How do I find an accommodation to stay?

Mostly your company would provide accommodation which could be single or shared, depending upon your package. Some companies would pay the living allowance, so you will have to find your own. As soon as you land, you will be taken care by your company. You can find accommodation searching on or you should take help from your office friends. To be frank, to get a proper place to live is a big task and a costly affair.

Where can I eat at low price ?

There are many restaurants where they provide monthly packages which is ideal for people who are not cooking at home. 

Check out restaurants in Maldives 

How to get a mobile connection?

You just need your original passport to get a mobile connection, connectivity is excellent in all the islands in Maldives. There are two mobile operators, Dhiraagu and Ooredoo.

How much money can I save every month?

This would fully depend on your salary and other benefits given by your company / employer. I can give out some information about what would be bare minimum cost to live and work in Maldives. For food you would need to spend at least USD 100 per month if you are having from hotel on a monthly pass / package. If you have an accommodation provided by the company, then that should not be a worry or at least USD 200 per person, that would be shared. If you are looking for single bed room fully furnished apartment, then it would be roughly USD 1,000. Next would be the money you would spend on phone calls to your home, which should not be much as now a days we have VOIP, WhatsApp, etc

Other than these things if everything else is fine, you can save the balance of your salary.

Things not to carry

Banned Substances

There are a list of banned products that you should never carry liked drugs, arms, alcohol, pornographic materials, pork and so on.

Heavy Luggage

Keep your baggage as light as possible as you know that there is a limit for your checked in baggage.

Things to carry

Foreign Exchange

Carry some US dollars with you, which you can use if you are in need. Most of the companies would pay you advance for your initial expeneses.

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