Types of Visas in Maldives – How to Get Work Visa?

Maldives - Types of Visas in Maldives

Tourist Visa in Maldives

Maldives is a tourist friendly country and every year millions come as tourists. For a tourist, a tourist visa is granted on arrival. Tourist visa is granted for a maximum 90 days in a year. Condition for tourist visa is to have a confirmed booking at any hotel / resort in Maldives.

Charges for Tourist Visa – Free

Other than tourists, there are many coming to work or do business in the Maldives. On a tourist visa, it is illegal to work or do any other business.

What are the other kinds of visa available other than tourists?

Work Visa / Work Permit

This type of visa is for resident workers. They stay in Maldives and work for a company or business or individual in Maldives.

How to get a Work visa in Maldives ?

First you need to get a job. The work visa would be applied by the employer by submitting the prescribed documents as per the immigration. The employer should have the quota to apply for a work visa. The employer pays the required fees and deposits for the Work Visa.

Employment Approval

First a employment approval is issued which is the document used to travel to Maldives by the employee.

Work Permit Maldives

Once the employee reaches Maldives, the employer arranges for the Work Visa Medicals from a authorised clinic / hospital. If the employee gets a fitness medical certificate, the final work visa is stamped inside the passport and a Work Permit Card is issued. If the employee is tested and confirmed positive for HIV or HbsAG, then the employee is deported back to home country. Usually the validity of the Work Visa is 1 year. Every year the work visa is renewed alone with the work permit medicals. Work Permit holders are subject to 3% remittance tax for all the remittances done to home country or outside Maldives. There are no personal income tax in Maldives even for locals. Work Visa is multiple entry and is only for the purpose of working in Maldives, no business or any other activities can be done while on this visa.

Work Visa Fees

Fees for a work permit Maldives which is paid by the employer is Mrf 250 per month.

Video on tips for Work Visa Holders, Working inMaldives

Business Visa

Business Visa is issued for 3 months for the purpose of doing any kind of business in the Maldives. Any income generated is subject to 10% withholding tax which the paying company would deduct at source and pay to MIRA. This visa is multiple entry and expires after 90 days. There should be a gap of 30 days if a new business visa needs to be applied for the same person.

Dependant Visa

Dependant visa is issued for eligible dependants of work visa holders. The fees for dependent visa is Mrf 250 which needs to be paid for at least 3 months.

Resident Visa

Resident visa is issued to person who are married to a local Maldivian.

Hope this gives sufficient information on types of visas in Maldives. For all the updated regulations, please check the immigration website.

Current issue of work visa for Indians in Maldives

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