Update on new Doctors and specialties at AMDC Clinic

New Visiting Specialist Doctors At AMDC

During 2017, there were a lot of happenings are AMDC. We celebrated our silver jubilee and we had many new services started during this period.

I would like to start with all the achievements and then with some of our losses too during this year.

Some of the Achievements during this year

  1. We added about 20+ visiting specialists
  2. Started Eye Department
  3. Started Laser treatment in the skin department
  4. Got a latest 4D Ultrasound Machine and two radiologists are providing services
  5. Added OPG X-ray to the dental department.
  6. Separate floor for Physiotherapy with doubling the capacity
  7. Started Eye department with all latest equipment for the OPD
  8. EEG Service with dedicated full time Neurologist(Joining by the end of this month)

Started Eye Department with Dr Fathimath Niuma, Dr Abdulla Junaid and Optometrist Nestha

Dr Mufliha – Visiting Radiologist

Dr Abdulla Junaid – Senior Opthalmologist

Dr Mohamed Ali – Physician

Ashiya Abdul Raheem – Dietitian

Other new Visiting Doctors

Dr Aby – A leading infertility specialist from Sunrise Hospital, Kochi

Dr Ranjini – ENT Specialist from Sunrise Hospital, Kochi

Dr Profession Anura – Allergy Specialist

Dr Sunil Kumar – Orthodontist

Some disruptions / closures

  1. Stopped service at Velana International Airport, both the emergency facility and pharmacy.
  2. Stopped Service at Gaadhoo building (AMDC Speciality clinic and AMDC Chemist 1) with effect from 1st Dec 2017. Added extra space and rooms at Maafanu clinic for better management.
  3. Stopped Work Permit Medical Check ups

All the services that we were providing at Gaadhoo building has been moved to AMDC Clinic, Maafaanu.

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