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Work Permit Medical Check up in Maldives

Work Permit Medicals in Maldives – Every expatriate on work visa, working in Maldives has to undergo Work Permit Medical Check up every year for the renewal of his / her work visa. These medical check up has to be done at approved medical facility. Recently the Ministry of Health has approved some private clinics to provide this facility.

AMDC starting work permit medical check ups soon

AMDC has got the approval for conducting work permit medical check ups and would be resuming the service of work permit medials soon.

AMDC was the first private facility to be given the permission to conduct work permit medical check ups and had be doing this expatriate medicals for more than 15 years.

There are some changes implemented by the Ministry of Health related to the tests and some internal processes. Urine test which was not done earlier is added to the tests for work permit, which would need more time to process the same and the cost would also go up.

AMDC clinic would be starting work permit medicals soon. Taking prior appointment would be better as the numbers and timing would be restricted.

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Please call 3325979 for more information.

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  1. Hi kishore am Abigail from Ghana West Africa I am coming to Maldives for a holiday season but I don’t want to come back to Ghana after my holiday season is there any way I can get a job in Maldives after my holiday and how do I get a work permit since I don’t have any employment yet


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