Every expatriate / foreigner coming to the Maldives to work under work visa or work permit has to undergo the work visa medicals. Work visa medicals Maldives has to done every year for the renewal of the work visa besides the first time entry.

Where can the Work Permit Medical Checkups done?

Work permit medical check ups and done at approved hospitals and clinics in the Maldives.

Tests included in the Work Visa Medicals Maldives

  1. HIV
  2. HbsAg
  3. VDRL
  4. TC, DC
  5. Chest X-ray
  6. Urine Albumin and sugar

Other than theses tests, the person has to go through regular doctor consultation

If the employee / expat worker is found to be positive to any communicable disease like HIV, HbsAg, then after the confirmatory tests, the person is sent back home.

Some FAQ’s Related to Work Visa Medicals Maldives

  1. How long will this check up take ? – About 1-2 hours
  2. What are the specimens taken ? Blood, Urine
  3. Is Chest X-Ray Mandatory? Yes
  4. How often the work permit medicals needs to be done? – every renewal, usually once a year
  5. Who would bear the cost? – Employer
  6. How much does this cost ? Between Mrf 600 to 1000, depending upon the place where you are doing your medical check up.
  7. Fastest and best place to do Work Permit Medicals is at AMDC Clinic

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  1. Sir, I had hcv before ,but i did treatment and my viral load is 0, but it seems in blood.can i apply or not.I have certificate of treatment.

    1. Hi Babu, here in Maldives, Hepatitis B is checked and if positive, then work visa gets rejected

  2. Hii sir.
    Sir, I had been TB first six years ago, which has been cured after the treatment. But there is a scar in the X-ray, so can I go Maldives

  3. Dear Sir
    I wanna know about chest Xray I found some little bit spot in my chest I was some effected by the before 25 years when I was 6th standard but it was ok and I am still fhit but chest xray have some spot so plz guide me can I come in Maldives for work.

  4. hi sir i ravikumar from bangalore india .just i want to know that what is the procedure for work permit. and how long it will be take . my agent told me within one week you will get agrment letter and within this month you fly post – Airport reciever job sal 1000 us consultancy charge – 1lakh

  5. Hello sir, I have herpes, pls tell me if I can get working visa in the Maldives. Thank you so much.

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