Working in Maldives – Jobs, Safety and cost of Living

I have been working in Maldives for the past 16 years.

I work for a private healthcare company which is based in Male’, – the capital of Maldives

Today I am going to talk about some common questions which could come into the minds of expatriates who are looking for a job in the Maldives or who already have got a offer to join

Working in Maldives - Resorts

I will answer to the following 4 questions

  1. How safe is Maldives for an expatriate?
  2. How is the living condition for a working foriegner in maldives
  3. What is the cost of living in Maldives?
  4. Are there any kind of taxes for the income generated in Maldives?
  5. Bonus Information for new commers to Maldives.

If you have any other question, please post it in the comment box. I will try to answer that.

Check out the videos below on Expatriates working in Maldives / Jobs in Maldives

Living and Working in Maldives

1. Safety in Maldives for a Foreigner working in Maldives– As on today, it is a safe place to work as far as an expatriate is concerned. You need to make sure you follow the laws of the country and respect all around you. Be focused on your work and do not get involved by any means into local matters like politics or other sensitive issues. Try not to wander outside during odd hours. Alcohol is banned in all the inhabitted island in the Maldives,so be careful. So if you want to have a drink what should you do? I have information on this in my bonus Tips.

2. Living Conditions for Expatriates working in Maldives – This would depend upon your job , employer, working environment, salary and other benefits. Its the responsibility of the employer to take care of the food and accommodation of every expatriate employee. So if you have a good package, you get a good apartment and good food allowance. If you need to spend from your salary for the rent, then you would not have anything left for savings.

3. Cost of living in Maldives for expats working in Maldives – Cost of living is very high compared to the neighbouring contries like India and Sri Lanka. It is very high in the capital Male’ or Hulhumale’. In the remote islands, it is less comparitively. Regarding healthcare, every expatriate has a insurance if admitted, or it would depend on the employer if he gets a insurance coverage. – Further Reading – Cost of Living and Salary in Maldives

4. Taxes for an expatriates working in MaldivesNo income tax as on today, but you have to pay 3% remittance tax when you send money home through the bank.

Check out the video below which explains about living and working in Maldives, cost of living in Maldives and how safe is Maldives?

Bonus Tips

  1. Make sure you have a valid work visa with the right profession
  2. Check out the location of your work. Maldives consist of more than 1000 islands, out of which about 250 are inhabited and there are about 200 resorts.
  3. You cannot posses or have alcohol in any inhabited islands – You can go to a resort or hotel to have a drink which is very costly.
  4. If you are in Male’, you get everything you need by just walking not more than 10 minutes because, it’s a very small island with a area of about 4 sq kms.
  5. If you are in a remote island, then the facilities are limited.
  6. Male’ the capital island is very near to the aiport – 5 minutes on a boat.

That’s all for now – getting late to work –

Have a great day

Expatriates Working in Maldives – Common Questions

20 thoughts on “Working in Maldives – Jobs, Safety and cost of Living”

  1. Just want to know average monthly 2 bedroom flat rental and food cost for family of 3 in smaller Islands like Laamu atoll. Is there any formalities like advance deposit. Do they make rental contract and stick to it. I would appreciate your quick response

    • Hi Parvez, in Islands the rent is less compared to Malé. Yes, you would need to pay 1-3 months rent as deposit and get a contract signed. Approx rent in Islands would be less than $500

  2. Hi

    Can you please let us know the work visa available to Indian nationals.

    I am looking for opportunity as Finance controller in Maldives.

  3. I am a dentist from Egypt and have Hospital management diploma and looking for work in Maladives if you can help me send me he Mail and i will send you CV and needed documents.

  4. Hi I just got an offer from Maldives in a coffee restaurant as a Waitress for 425$ plus free accommodation and service charge of 200$ monthly Is it good offer? I am still thinking if I will accept it my visa is on process now.

  5. Hii Kishore
    I have been Offered a Job 14,470 Rf salary per month Job in Maldives includes food & Mobile Expenses.
    Accomadation & Travelling is Company Provided.

    Could You Please GIve me An Idea How Much Cost will I incur for Eating Outside per month or if i Cook myself. I am Non Drinker & I eat Moderately.

    Is Food Expensive?

    Mobile Expenses Data Mobile? like 1 GB cost

    If You Could answer it will Be a big help.

  6. thanks for you’re reply.

    I am little confused.

    4000rf for only food expenses.? i.e hotel or own cooking?

    what about mobile expenses?

    my salary does not include food & mobile expense

  7. Hello
    Pls share any informations related to international schools available for children and special needs schools who offers education and treatments for such kids
    Thank u

  8. Helo sir,
    How r u doing Sir, I am graduate in BA with 15 years experience,is there any vacancies in warehouse or stores Department, how can I get the offer,can you help me for getting job there in Maldives.

  9. Hellow I am Nepali .I graduate in nepal but I like to maldives so I can work in the Maldives .

  10. Dear sir ,
    I am working in India having 18 years of experience in finance,our company is Singapore base we have sister company in male , now company want me to goin male as a accountant. Company is paying salary in us$ , how much should I expect the salary ?
    Is it safe to live alone with out family there ?

    Kindly revert .

  11. Dear sir iam working in ksa since 2015 I have 5star hotel experience as team leader ihg hotel group could u help could I get a apartunty in maldevies


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