Completed 2000 Kms in one month – Merc GLC 220d

I had got my first Merc last month, GLC 220d, the diesel version, CBU. I really enjoyed driving each and every kms on this powerful machine. I have been using a 3 Litre Fortuner for the last 4 years, but still I would say, the power of this machine is awesome and it has to be experienced to believe.

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Done with the first service visit, it’s just a check up which has to be done before 3000 kms, or that would effect the 3 year warranty clause.


Everything is excellent as far as Merc India is concerned, except

  1. I am yet to receive the fuel funnel adapter. (No deadline yet)
  2. No covers yet in India (Was told will be available only by the end of Sep 2016)

Being a new model, it took about a month for the RTO Karnataka to get it registered. I understand that mine is the second GLC in Karnataka. Assembled GLC would be available in India from next month. A highly recommended SUV compared to Audi Q5 or BMW X3 or a Land rover Discovery.

Update : 05-September-2016 19:54 (IST)

If you are looking for the petrol version, then you can go for the GLC 300, which is a 2 litre petrol engine. The diesel version is 2.2 litre. Both are great, but if you are worried about the diesel engine about 2 litre ban by NGT, then you can go for the petrol version.

Update : 24-October-2016 15:19 (IST)

Got the fuel funnel adapter after I contacted the Merc Benz India support team on twitter.

Now I have completed about 5500km, doing good.

Update : 24-October-2016 15:21 (IST)


Got the illuminated star fixed last week.

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