Completed 2000 Kms in one month – Merc GLC 220d

I had got my first Merc last month, GLC 220d, the diesel version, CBU. I really enjoyed driving each and every kms on this powerful machine. I have been using a 3 Litre Fortuner for the last 4 years, but still I would say, the power of this machine is awesome and it has to …

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2 Litre and above diesel vehicle ban – Finally a sensible decision

It was bit upsetting that a responsible watchdog like the NGT behaving without proper study / data verification. Finally the Supreme Court of India has given relief to the big automobile manufacturers like Toyota, Mercedes, etc

What came as a major relief to car manufacturers in India, the Supreme Court today lifted the ban of registration of 2000cc and above diesel cars in Delhi and NCR.

Source: Supreme Court Lifts Ban On Larger Diesel Cars In Delhi/NCR – But Imposes Environment Cess – NDTV CarAndBike