YouTube Stops Adsense Earnings for Some accounts

Many budding YouTube account holders got emails stating that their monetisation feature is disabled. To re-apply the account should have minimum 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months. I do not feel that this a big number for any channel posting real good videos. Even though my Account is old, I just started posting videos regularly only two months ago. I have crossed about 80 videos now and see growing at a good pace.

The reason for such a decision was to cut down the accounts which looked spamy, posting copied videos, copyright violations and so on. Many think that YouTube is a shortcut to make money online, which has taken a toll on people who put a lot of effort to produce good videos.

My Message to hard working YouTubers who have got their monetisation blocked is to keep doing your good work, you will be able to reach the set basic requirement soon.

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Some Doubts abouts not eligible for YPP – YouTube Partner Program

  1. Will my videos be stopped from search results and suggested videos?
  2. Will I lose access to creator studio tools like end screen, video links?

Answers to both the questions are No, just keep doing your hard work, you will get your YPP approved

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