The Other Side of Vlogging – Hate Comments

I have been active on social media, blogging and now  vlogging. The best things about being active online are You can see tons of pages when you google yourselfCan connect and meet like minded interesting people around the worldCan contribute to different causesCan make some money if you plan your business model well. I will [...]

Drone Registration Process in India – Digital Sky DGCA

Drone Registration in India is Live - As per the new drone regulation process is active in India now. If you are a person owning a drone which weighs more than 250 gms, then you need to go through the process of registering your drone. Getting Started - How to register your DJI Drones ? [...]

New Job in Maldives – Expatriates Read this before you travel to Maldives

Got a Job in Maldives - I have shared some of my thoughts and experiences working in Maldives. and have done couple of videos too on this topic of expatriates working in Maldives, cost of living and so on. This post is on the kind of questions that I get lots of emails and messages when somebody gets a [...]

One Year of YouTube – Making money from travel

Many start a YouTube channel to make money and making money from YouTube was not my main motive. It has been about a year now that I am regularly post all my travel videos. It is not that I have just started traveling one year back, but I have starting video blogging since December 2017. [...]

iPhone XS ESim for Airtel India – Live Demo

I got an iPhone XS 256GB space grey from Mysore. Reason for upgrading from iPhone X was dual sim feature, which I was anticipating for a long time. There are no slot for two sims like any other dual sim phones, but in this you have a feature called Esim which is also known as [...]