History of Calendars

A world without calendars would surely be a topsy-turvy place. It is hard even to imagine a world without calendars. Had there been a world devoid of calendars, there would be no way of keeping track of the weeks, months or years as they went past, or of anything else for that matter. We would [...]

Rubber Cultivation in Malaysia

Rubber Plantation in Malaysia Introduction Malaysia is the leading producer of natural rubber in the world. About 46% of the total world's rubber is produced in Malaysia. The rubber plantation in Malaysia was started in Malaysia in 1877. First, the seedlings were brought from the Amazon Basin, and were planted here on a experimental basis. Later, [...]

The Skeletal System

Skeleton and its Functions The skeleton is among the busiest and the most durable of all living organs of the body. Human bones have been found that are nearly a million years old. Apart from forming the supporting framework of the body, the bones are manufacturing units for red blood cells (which transports oxygen to [...]

Climate of India

Introduction India is a tropical country with a Monsoon type of climate. The word ‘monsoon’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘Mausam’. It means season. It exercises a uniform influence throughout the country [Source]. The Controlling factors of Indian Climate Latitudinal extent:The latitudinal extent of the country (from 8 Degree N in the south to [...]


Production of X-Rays When highly energetic electrons are made to strike a metal target, electromagnetic radiation comes out. A large part of this radiation has wavelength of the order of 0.1 nm ( 1 A) and is known as X-ray. X-ray was discovered by the German physicist W.c. Roentgen in 1895. He found that photographic [...]