69 years after being a republic – Where are we now?

We are celebrating our 69th republic day today. The national flag hosting by the president of India at the India gate. We had guests from 10 ASEAN countries. Something different!!

Military might and cultural heritage was fully displayed. President of India, saluted the parade the event should make every Indian proud.

Ex prime ministers and all other national leaders.

Now lets talk about where we are after almost 7 decades of independance? I can very strongly say that India has changed a lot and we are changing at a higher pace in recent years. India is counted among the fastest growing economies in the world and we will be doing much better in coming years.

We still need to change a lot and this can be done only if each and every citizen of India decides to contribute.

What can a common person do for a better India?

Follow the systems which are in place

We have a general attitude of breaking rules and getting things done in a convenient manner. Use influences / pay bribe to break rules to make things easy. As a result the system does not work the way it was supposed to. There may be a delay in getting things done in the right way, but if everybody follows the right way, this delay can be overcomed.

In day to day life, lets talk about some common examples. You go to office on your vehicle, just watch carefully, you will find a good number of people break traffic rules to make things convenient to themselves but risking others life.

Our Prime minister is doing a great job stressing on swachh bharath mission. If every citizen decides that they will keep their surrounding clean, we will have a clean India. It is also the responsibility of the lawmakers to provide right facilities for waste management.

There are many examples that we can talk about which every common citizen can contribute to the growth of India. We have a very young population and it is the responsibility of seniors to guide the youngsters to follow the set systems of the country.

What should the lawmakers do ?

There are very important responsiblities that our lawmakers have to play. Need to periodically implement changes in our system to make sure we have steady growth and make life better for every Indian citizen.

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