Advantages of being a Software Programmer for my online business

I am a software programmer and have been working on different platforms for 9 years now. I am comfortable working with VB, SQL, PHP, AJAX, Javascript, MySQL, etc. I do all my coding needs for all my blogs and that is my biggest advantage. If I need to tweak a WordPress theme or write a custom function, I just need some time to work on the idea and implement it in no time. Most of the plugins that I sell on my WordPress Blog is something that I developed my need and I feel that many others may need it.

I am not telling that you need to be a programmer to run a website or a blog. There are many plugins and themes available for blogging applications like WordPress, so you do not need to worry about that. I am just trying to explain the advantages of being a programmer when it comes to online business. I have learnt a lot only after working for different projects and experience is something more important than qualifications or certificates.

Advantages that I feel as far as I am concerned

  1. Save money and time
  2. Learn new techniques
  3. Understand technical terms and concepts better
  4. Experiment different tricks for better results
  5. New Projects to make better money
  6. Faster implementation of Ideas

I know many bloggers or online entrepreneurs who are not programmers but they do well as they are way ahead in their on niche. This post is just to highlight some advantages of being a technical person when doing online business. You really do not need to be a programmer to troubleshoot basic problems. If you are using WordPress, you have a very strong and active support forum where you can get solutions for most of the common problems and if you take some time to learn about the stuff that you work with, then it would be an added advantage.

What do you think about this?

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