Applying for Aadhaar today 

How to get Aadhaar Card for NRI?

Yesterday I got an SMS that I need to link my mobile number with my Aadhaar, but unfortunately I do not have one. Being an NRI, I had not got sufficient time and reason to apply for an Aadhaar.

Today morning I went to the nearest Mysore 1 centre where we can apply for Aadhaar sent me back saying that I need to come in the evening and collect the application form. The forms are issued at 5pm, but I need to be there by 3pm and stand in a que as the forms issued per day is limited. I can submit the form tomorrow morning at 10am.

Documents for Aadhaar ?

Address Proof like Passport, Driving License, etc

Will keep this post updated till I get my Aadhaar card.

Update : 03-July-2017 14:49 (IST)

Reached Mysore 1 centre at about 2pm. Almost 20 citizens of India waiting. Some for data correction and some for new card like me.

After about 4pm, an officer came and checked every person standing in the que for valid documents. The que was divided into three

1. For address change -15

2. For linking phone number -15

3. For new card – 20

Now still waiting for them to call. Only the verification is over. Today they will issue the token. Tomorrow these people with token have to come between 8am and 3pm for biometrics.

Update : 03-July-2017 19:32 (IST)

The Government needs to do something for making the process easy for people to come and get Aadhaar card done.

Update : 03-July-2017 22:29 (IST)

To the Government of India

Yes, with all due respect, we need to have the worlds biggest identification system, it’s a great job. Every citizen in India should have an Aadhaar Card. We can build a great digital future and have put everything into system.

For this you need to make sure that you have a proper way of implementation. I have spend a full day today for getting just a form, not yet applied for one yet. I saw horrible scene of arguments, fights and unhappiness as many had to return back without getting a form. I feel myself lucky that I got the for in just one day even though I had to stand in queue for about 4 hours, to be frank, I could not do anything today other than getting an Aadhaar application form. Tomorrow again, I will be spending almost a day for submitting the form.

I know that the corrections or address changes can be made online, but as you are aware that majority of the citizens of India are not computer literate and they would be queuing up to get these done. You have limited applications per day and the officials say that they have only limited capacity.

Please make things simple and easily accessible so that common people do not suffer.

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Update : 04-July-2017 11:38 (IST)

Completed the submission process successfully. I went to Mysore One office today morning by 8am. I was the 3rd person, so got my submission / biometrics done by 9:30 and came out.

how to get Aadhaar - Mysore One

This is Mysore One where you can pay most of your bills under one room. This is the place where Aadhaar submission is also done.

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Update : 17-July-2017 08:57 (IST)

How many days to get Aadhaar?

Got an email that my Aadhaar is ready and I can download a digital copy. It just took 7 days.

I got he printed card in 30 days.

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