Are You Happy With Your Life? How Happy Are You?

If I could….. I would be happy or If I were……. I would be happy. I heard people talk including me a lot about happiness in the future tense. We want to be happy all the time but it is unlikely to happen. Happiness means different things to different people. For some people, work is a focus for a great deal of their happiness, for some it is like the attainment of a life target, for some contributing to the lives of others. Happiness does not require anyone’s approval but it depends on the choices we make, the people we spend time with and how we allow these people to treat us.

Are you happy with your life?

What are the factors affecting Our happiness?

The desire to be happy is central to our nature and our happiness is subject to a wide range of external factors like:

1. Family: The first and the foremost factor deciding our happiness is our family. If we have a stable, loving relationship with family and friends, we will be happy. If close personal relationships are fallen apart or our partner is having a second affair, it is a cancer and we won’t be happy even if we try our level best to cope with the situation.

2. Finance: Money is one of the factors deciding the happiness of a person. It should be sufficiently available to meet the basic requirements of life.

3. Health: There is an adage “Health is wealth”. If we are healthy, we would be happy also. Never ever do anything which damages our health.

4. Self-respect: “Give respect and take respect”. The road to self-esteem can be a long one and old scars can make the journey almost impossible. But respect yourself to get respect from others.

5. Self-regards: What do you think of yourself? You start like yourself first. Make sure your opinion about yourself is healthy, then only you can be better equipped to face the challenges  ahead of you.

People do many things what is right and happy for them but remember it hurts many others. Our choices sometimes make life sad and more difficult for someone else. I would be happier with a strong loving family than a crumbling home with a lot of money.

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